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HybridX is a high solids, extremely durable, and glossy coating.

HybridX is an ultra-high solids coating that forms a lattice structure. This lets HybridX resist temperatures of 800 degrees Celcius, the ultimate scratch resistance, intense gloss, and magnificent hydrophobicity. HybridX also provides UV protection, protecting the paint from fading for many years with chemical resistance.

With HybridX, ease of application was one of the main targets, and is therefore one of the distinguishing factors of this product compared to our competition. Higher solids coatings are a lot more difficult to apply, a limiting factor.


As the name suggests QuickClean is a rapid cleaner. Simple to use, spray onto a wet/damp vehicle allow a few seconds for it to do its job then rinse off.

QuickClean uses the power of NANO technology to work right under the grime and release it from the surface then, utilising its   hydrophobic action allows it, the grime, to be rinsed off.  Cleaning from beneath rather than the traditional way of cleaning from the top.

Free from harsh chemicals and contains no caustic.  Biodegradable. Removes insect squash. Removes brake dust. Removes sap.  Safe to use on all surfaces.  Harsh on grime and kind to delicate surfaces.  Removes black window rubber streaking.  Leaves a NANO layer of protective coating after use.

Our choice when pre-cleaning for our professional NANO coating service.



A super quick detailing finishing polish. Simple to use.  Cleans and polishes in one. Fantastic 3D holographic gleam.  FINITE can be used on the entire vehicle exterior and interior hard surfaces.

A product that remarkably does virtually all.

High gloss and super extreme angle hydro and oleo phobic surface. Fluids sheet off and beads instantly. No residual chalky dusty powder left behind. Full UV protection. Non streaking. No cutting compounds.  Zero swirl marks. Insect / bird / fuel stain protection. Enhanced depth of colour.  Multi layer-able. Interior odour eliminating by adding a pleasant fragrance.

Our choice when finishing our professional NANO coating service.


SHIELD is our ultimate easy to use nano-spray-sealant. Developed with ease of use and perfect finish in mind. SHIELD can be applied to ALL exterior surfaces, paintwork / glass / plastics / alloys and surrounds.

SHIELD can also be used on top of already protected paintwork – IT WILL help heal and extend the amount of time that these last for. Produces and delivers an extremely hydrophobic surface.  Enhanced depth of colour with 3D holographic gloss and protection.  All year round protection. Repels all liquids and grime.  Full ultra violet protection. Bird, insect and fuel stain/burn in protection.  Easy clean vehicle. No long curing time.  Instant effect. Brilliant water beading.  Long lasting with extreme Ph resistance. Multi layer-able.

Our choice for instant NANO protection.



Professional quality rich cream NANO Tech coating polish. Feels like no other polish.  Non chalky.  Easy to apply and no muscle needed to buff off.  Instant wet look finish. Contains colour enhancing reflective NANO particles.

Delivers an unprecedented deep mirror and 3D holographic high gloss finish. Super smooth 160 Degree hydro and oleo phobic surface. Non static finish no residual dust. Instant water beading and run off. Full UV protection.  Non streaking. No cutting compounds. Zero swirl marks. Insect / bird / fuel stain protection. Brilliant Ph resistance and high TFR resistance.  Enhanced depth of colour. Multi layer-able. Tested to six months and surpassed this with ease.  Easy to keep clean surface.

Our choice when finishing a vehicle to concours level.


Our professional NANO coating service.

A PERMANENT chemically bonded NANO stone protection coating adding value to your vehicle.

Encompassing all of the benefits SHIELD, ULTIMA and FINITE but PERMANENT.

Coat once and protect for years to come.

Extreme protection from the elements, super hydro and oleo phobic. Produces virtually a non – stick and anti-scratch surface to the vehicle. Dust, dirt, oil, sap and more are easily removed – easy cleaning and low maintenance. Showroom brilliance every day.  A perfect wet look finish. Very high gloss finish.  Stays cleaner for longer – when dirty the vehicle still shines and looks cleaner.  All year round protection. Repels all liquids and grime. Enhanced depth of colour.  Full ultra violet protection. Bird, insect and fuel stain/burn in protection.  Extreme temperature tolerance -80 – +600 degrees Centigrade.  Super bonding, all surfaces can be coated, plastics / metal / painted panels and trim.

For more details on all our products and services please take a leaflet below or ask a member of staff for more details.

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